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Lightning Protection & Surge Protection

TW Lightning Protection Ltd operates all over the UK and works upon many different types of buildings from Council buildings, hospitals and hotels to churches and domestic houses. With our comprehensive range of services we can protect your property from Lightning Surges.

Our services include:

Testing & Inspection

Lightning Protection & Surge Testing and Installation

To ensure it is compliant with British and European standards we would recommend annual testing and inspection of any lightning surge protection system. Our qualified engineers carry out lightning protection & surge inspections in line with all current industry standards and guidelines. A full visual survey and test of the conductors continuity and resistance to earth. This is all provided in a comprehensive report of results. Compliant systems are issued a test certificate to prove they meet regulations. If the lightning surge protection system does not meet the legal standards our comprehensive report details any remedial repair work needed along with photographic evidence if requested to ensure the system meets legal standards.

Maintenance and Repair

We can carry out all the necessary repairs and maintenance required to ensure your system can withstand Lightning Surges. The works will be co-ordinated and completed with the required schedules and will be carried out to a high quality standard. All materials used shall be in accordance with BS EN 50164-1 and BS EN 50164-2.

All works will be carried out in line with all current industry standards and guidelines and all our operatives are registered CSCS and CITB certified.

Full risk assessments and method statements are produced before commencement of any works and all comply with the current CDM requirements and full COSHH data is provided if necessary.


Lightning Surge Protection Installation

We can install a number of different types of Lightning Surge protection systems to meet our customers needs and provide an installation service which is cost effective, efficient and a quality system. We will always aim to install a system which meets customers deadlines and we pride ourselves on our project management skills and our ability to work with our customers priorities.

We are highly trained in the installation of a number of Lightning Surge protection systems. We install the traditional Faraday Cage system but we also install as an alternative the Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor systems - Helta Pulsar and Indelec Prevectrons to meet customers needs for example on heritage properties where traditional systems are unable to be fitted.

Installations will be carried out by highly skilled and experienced engineers and all works will be carried out in line with current industry standards and guidelines. All our operatives are registered CSCS and CITB certified.


We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise with regard to designing the right Lightning Surge protection system for your building. We have experience of designing solutions for and working on heritage properties such as churches and listed houses to the most modern and futuristic properties.

Continuity & Soil Resistance

Continuity and Soil Resistance

Soil resistivity is a critical factor in any electrical grounding design.

We offer several methods of measuring soil resistance as soil quality can vary a lot depending on the depth and width of the area. Our operatives will carry out a survey to measure the capacity of the ground to an electrical current. Accurate soil resistance readings are essential as resistivity measurements will affect the overall transmission system.

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