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Lightning Conductor Cambridgeshire

TW Lightning Protection Ltd is dedicated to ensuring quality lightning protection in Cambridgeshire for your buildings. Our expertise has been developed over the past 20 years, as we work to provide conventional and innovative ideas to solve a wide range of working at height problems, from lightning protection to high rise maintenance.

If your Cambridgeshire Lightning Protection fails to comply with the appropriate standard BSEN 62305 / BS6651 then you may be at risk should something go wrong - such as your insurance policies being invalid. Lightning protection systems are necessary to not only protect buildings but the people inside and outside of them as well.

TW Lightning Protection Ltd will guarantee delivery of a quality service alongside expert advice. We will be responsive and reliable, providing excellent products and ensuring you get best value for your money at all times. Our accreditations include being approved members of the Electrical Contractors Association which represents the best in electrical engineering and building services.

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Cambridgeshire Lightning Protection Experts

Lightning Protection

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TW Lightning Protection prides itself on its knowledge and expertise which enables our company to offer a unique expert Cambridgeshire lightning protection service. All aspects of lightning protection systems are undertaken along with testing, maintenance and repair services provided, offering a cost effective quality service to our customers. We also specialise in remedial and full maintenance High Rise services covering the whole of the UK for both Domestic and Commercial customers.

Lightning Conductors

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TW Lightning Protection Ltd operatives are highly trained to install a number of different types of Cambridgeshire lightning protection systems to meet our customers' needs and provide an installation service which is cost effective, efficient and a quality system. We install the traditional lightning protection Faraday Cage System but we also install as an alternative Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor systems - Helta Pulsar and Indelec Prevectrons to meet customer needs for example on heritage properties where traditional systems are unable to be fitted.

High Rise Services

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TW Lightning Protection Ltd are experts in High Rise maintenance and rope access, getting to difficult and 'inaccessible' areas. We undertake most remedial and full maintenance work at virtually any height. Our skilled operatives are trained to CITB and CSCS trade qualified standards. We can access all types of chimney stacks and high rise buildings using a safe and traditional method. For the more difficult areas to access we will use traditional bosuns, chairs or rope access equipment (abseiling).

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Lightning Protection For Your Cambridgeshire Property

Lightning Protection

It is a fact that lightning can strike a structure more than once. A regular maintenance programme will ensure that when your system is needed to protect your customers, employees and properties, it is capable of doing so. The Electricity at Work Regulations Act 1989 requires that lightning protection systems are tested with accordance with BS EN 62305 or BS6651, whichever is applicable to your system. The standard states that systems should be tested at maximum intervals of 12 months. We would highly recommend that your system is tested on an 11 month cycle, this will ensure that over a 12 year period your system will have been checked and tested throughout every season of the year.

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